Educate Yourself And Know The Types Of Helmets

Biking involves a great deal of risk of accidents which can be dangerous. Thus, in order to minimize the effect of any accident, you must opt for wearing various safety gears while riding the bike such as helmet, gloves, shoes etc. Helmet is one of the necessary safety gears as it protects your head or the brain from getting injured. If you are stepping forward to purchase the helmet, then you must know about various types of helmets available in the market. Below listed are a few of the common types of helmets that you will get in the market.

Road-bike helmets – these helmets are very common with road bikers as they are low in weight, offer proper ventilation, as well as have aerodynamic design.

Recreational helmets – these are economical helmets for commuters, mountain, recreational as well as road bikers.

Mountain bike helmets – as per their name, these helmets are used by the mountain bikers. The best part of these helmets is that, they offer proper ventilation even at a low speed.

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Things to look for while purchasing the helmet

There are various things that you need to consider while purchasing the helmet. Some of the factors to consider are listed below –

  • Perfect Fit – purchasing the perfectly fit helmet is one of the major factors to consider. Remember that if the helmet will not fit your head then it will not provide proper safety. Helmets are easily available in various sizes, thus you can know the circumference of your head and can purchase the helmet accordingly.
  • Retention system – it helps you to adjust your helmet in accordance with the size of your head. Generally, a ratchet system or a click wheel is available for making the adjustments. The best part is that many of them also provide for easy adjustment, which can be done via single hand. Thus, you can also make adjustment while on the move.
  • Venting – vents are small holes present in the shell of the helmet. These vents have two functions to accomplish. First is that they provide for venting. And second is to lower the weight of the helmet. If the vents are not available in your helmet, then you will feel quite warm while riding a bike.
  • Weight of helmet – it is one of the major things that you need to consider, if the weight of the helmet will be more, you will feel the immense problem in wearing the same. Light helmets are quite easy to wear as well as they do not impose any sort of strain on the neck. Thus, it becomes quiet easier to ride with helmet.

In addition to the factors listed above, there are various other things that you need to consider while purchasing a helmet such as material of the helmet, shock absorbing feature, chin strap etc.