How to Plan the Best Beach Wedding

The appeal of the beach makes it a perfect choice for many couples looking to tie the knot. Between the sand, the sun and the cool ocean breeze, a seaside ceremony is one of the most alluring concepts for any couple. However, planning a wedding in your hometown can be a huge challenge, what about miles away?

This is why you need a few pointers for those who have been there, seen it and done it so that you don’t falter when the time comes to plan the wedding. So, sit back, take out your notebook and note down a few points, but know that your wedding day can be fun, and will be everything that you have ever wanted it to be.

Choose the Right Dress

When it comes to the dress, you need to keep in mind that you want a design that fits in with the theme. Forget the mermaid design that has been in your mind since you were a little kid – it won’t fit in with the beach theme.

You need a lightweight, airy wedding dress that fits in smugly. Choose something breezy and soft made of a material such as chiffon. Lace might be another choice, but it gets easily clumped with sand at the bottom.

With a long gown that is blowing in the breeze, you will look stunning in pictures as well as in person. You can opt for a shorter style to enjoy the sun and the wind.

The Shoes

When it comes to beach weddings, shoes are optional. If you are comfortable going through the wedding barefoot, then do so, no one will see it as being strange.

If you decide to wear shoes, after all, sandals are a great fit for the day. If you have ever been to a beach wedding where the bride is wearing high heels, then you know what happens with trying to walk in the sand when donning high heels. It is not a pretty sight.

Getting the Right Vendors

If you wish to plan the right beach wedding without going insane, the secret is not to go at it alone. In fact, don’t delegate to any person unless it is a professional that knows all about beach weddings and what to do in each situation.

If you are holding the wedding at a beach resort, then ask whether they have wedding packages that include a planner or other items. If they offer a few, then go ahead and use them as it saves you some money in the long run.

If they don’t offer any packages, then ask about the best wedding planner in town. He might be a little pricey, but the results are better than ending up with a failed wedding. If the destination wedding planner is not able to deliver the wedding tips that you expect, then you need to come along with your planner who understands the intricacies of destination wedding planning.

Communicating With Your Guests

First, you need to tell your guests about the planned trip a few weeks, even months in advance. This is because most of the guests need to leave their work for some time, meaning they have to ask for this time early in advance.

Most will likely have to book flights, organize for accommodation and such. So, the sooner you let them know of the plans, the better.

When they arrive at the destination, have someone to pick them up at the airport and take them to the destination. When they arrive, let them know where the wedding will be and what they need to get there. When they arrive, have some goodie bags for them containing sunscreen, flip-flops, and snacks. Get them a map of the resort showing the various amenities and make sure you tell them where they can get any service they need.

Check out these images from Blue Bend Photography to see how your wedding needs to look like. From the images, you know that it can rock if you put in enough effort.

The Bottom-line

It takes tact and following a few tips to make the destination wedding the best event ever. Take time to understand what your theme is and then come up with the right plan to make the wedding the best.