Music for a Perfect Ride: Know About Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycles

Riding your motorcycle is a fun experience. Add some music and you can take the experience to new heights. You can achieve this by use of Bluetooth speakers strategically fitted on your motorbike. The only challenge is that it isn’t easy to buy the best speaker for this task simply because the procedure is different from purchasing speakers for your vehicle.

These speakers come in different models but the most common attach on the handlebar. Even the handlebar speakers come in different wattages to deliver a perfect volume regardless of the speed you are cruising at. With so many options available, it becomes hard to choose the best speaker. The prices also vary depending on the features. Speaker Digital helps you get the perfect set on a budget.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker

The Type of Speaker

These Bluetooth speakers come in various types depending on the place of attachment. You can attach the speakers to your helmet or handlebars. This is completely up to you.

The Wattage

The wattage determines the volume output of the speakers. If all you do is ride around your neighborhood, then a low wattage will do just fine. Go for higher wattage if you use the bike on noisy highways and streets.

Extra Features

Speakers have gone digital as well. Conventionally, you bought speakers just for the audio, but nowadays you have several options at your disposal. You can now get speakers with thumb controls to help in changing the speaker settings. You can optionally choose to have docking stations for your tablet, smartphone or MP3 player. This gives you the flexibility of enjoying your custom playlist or charging portable speakers.

You can choose speakers that are water resistant or waterproof. If you experience some drizzles once in a while, go for water resistant speakers. If you experience wet weather for extended periods or you store the bike outside, you need waterproof speakers.

How Do You Mount Your Bluetooth Speaker?

Once you get the speakers, you need to find a way to attach them to your bike. You can achieve this by use of specially designed mounts or brackets. One of the top mounts you can consider is the Fugoo Bike Mount. You can use this mount to hold your Bluetooth speakers on your bike railings, handlebars or any other circular part of the motorbike. The speakers will remain intact whether you are riding on a rough path or going up a slope. If you are going hiking after the ride, you can detach the mount, attach the speakers to a walking stick, and listen to your music as you walk along a trail.

You can also opt for the Beats Bike mount, which is ideal for pill portable speakers. The mount comes with a swivel base that allows you to mount the speakers in different directions. This mount uses a silicone bottom strap that is compatible with a wide variety of handlebars.

Final Thoughts

Portable Bluetooth speakers allow you to take your music with you as you ride your motorbike. Make sure you choose the best speaker for your needs and get the best way to attach the speakers on your motorbike.