Must-Have Tools in Your Household Kit

Some tools belong to the garage while others are a must-have in a convenient, easily accessible kit. Picture this; your kitchen drawer breaks and you have to fix it real quick. You can save time by avoiding trips to the basement to get a hammer if you have one in the main house. That said, here are some tools you ought to have in your household kit.

A Tape Measure

Soon or later you will need to fix a broken window, replace your carpet and so on. You need to take measurements for such tasks, and that’s what makes a tape measure such a handy tool. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, there’s no way not to have this indispensable tool in your household kit.

Stud Finder

When you want to drill holes in your drywall, a stud locator will help you know where to hang pictures, paintings, and other wall hangings. This gadget also enables you to locate wiring and fasteners on the wall. That way, you won’t hammer in nails in the wrong spot.

And because you’ll keep modifying your home once in a while, there’s every reason to own a stud finder. When shopping for one, be sure to choose a model that comes with an integrated level, LED lights and supports hand-free usage. Be sure to read more info on what it takes to get a stud finder that will meet your needs and which are the best models to buy.

Screw Drivers

Well, these are not tools per se, but they’re a must-have in your kit all the same. The thing is, most home woodwork tasks involve fixing or binding items together using screws. Driving in screws can be hard if you’re not using a screwdriver. Make sure that you have both big and small screwdrivers – the kind that would allow you to tighten a screw on your laptop.

Of course, it makes sense to have a variety of screw and nails for different tasks.

Pencils and a Cordless Drill

Pencils are helpful when you need to mark a surface before drilling a hole or measuring it. A cordless drill will enable you to drill holes with relative ease. You can also use it with screwdriver bits to drive in or remove screws. Note – a cordless drill is convenient in comparison to its corded counterpart.

Other tools to include in your kit include a putty knife, sealing tape, hammer, level, and pliers.