Wedding Planning in Advance

One Year of Wedding Planning!

When you are planning a wedding there are a lot of things you should do in advance to make sure your big day is smooth sailing. To make things easier you should prepare a mental timeline and a list to help you during this entire process. If you give yourself about a year to plan you’ll have plenty of time to handle all the necessary preparations it takes to have a fabulous wedding.

If you have a year to plan your wedding but your not sure where to start, this article is for you. This time is imperative  because it sets the pace and expectations for the rest of your planning. Twelve months before your wedding ceremony  you should decide on an actual wedding date and determine your budget.

Invitation card selection

You also want to have a pretty good idea of who will be in your wedding party and start compiling a guest list. This would be the time  to research venues for your ceremony and reception. Once all these things are done, you can  order your save the dates. A great website for customized save the date cards would be  because they have all kinds of gorgeous templates that you will love!

Nine months prior to your ceremony can be a very exciting time because by now you have decided on your venue, and your wedding party. You know the dress your going to wear, and you know your colors. You are ready to make sure your wedding party looks stunning so this would be the time you would choose your bridesmaids attire. This gives the girls enough  time to get their gowns.

Selecting flowers

You also want to book your florist around this time so they’re available on your big day. A great florist in the Charlotte area is The Blossom Shop. They have quality flower arrangements in every color and style plus they have been known to have superb customer service. You should pick out your cake about six months from your ceremony. Deciding on a wedding cake may be a little more complicated than you imagine. There are so many choices of flavors, and varieties of different cake styles, that you will want to start tasting them about six months prior to your big day.

Time for a limo

This is also the time to start planning your Honeymoon. You will need to book flights and make reservations to the destination of your choice. And what about the men? By now, you have already informed the ladies so you want to make sure you let all the groomsmen know what they are going to wear. This would be the time to make sure your limo service is available and booked.  A great site to book limos through would be This five star limo company comes highly recommended in the Charlotte area for their superior style and choice of stretch limousines.  When you only have three months until the big day, it is time to secure your photographer.

Pick your wedding photographer

Who will you choose to capture one of the happiest days of your lives? This choice is very important.  A great Photography company that surpasses all the rest in the Charlotte area is Blue Bend Photography. You can see several examples of their impressive portfolio on their website They say a picture is worth a thousand words,  so this will be one of the most important decisions you make. You want somebody experienced in taking wedding poses and this company will over deliver every single time! You also want to tie-up any loose ends regarding the reception, including the music and playlist.

Final preparations

The final weeks before your big day are critical. Give yourself at least two or three weeks prior to the actual ceremony date to pick up the wedding rings. You also need to pick up your marriage license and meet with your officiate. The time has come for you guys to finalize all the plans you have been making all year,  and make sure everything is in order. Make sure you have your final dress fitting in case you have grown or shrunk in size. You want your dress to fit you perfectly. This would also be the time for the Bride to pick up your dress and take it home,  and for the Groom to pick up his suit.

Make sure you confirm you beauty appointments and communicate the wedding day schedule to your parents. Finally your big day has arrived. You want to make sure you eat a big and hearty, yet healthy breakfast. You will want to feel energized and at your best.  Now, all you need to do is take a deep breath and relax. Even though the day fades away,  the memories last forever. It is finally time to enjoy the marvelous day you have spent so much precious time planning!