The Best Wedding Practices you Should Stick to

It’s almost here. Your big day is fast approaching. In two weeks time, you will be saying “I do” to the person that you love the most. Of course, there is a lot of excitement in the air. You can’t wait. Even then, there are some things you should do before the actual day. That way, you will help make your ceremony a massive success that you’ve been hoping. What follows is a rundown of some wedding practices you should ignore.

Hire a Wedding Singer

Let no one line to you – a wedding singer is a necessity if you want to add glamour into your wedding. See, you want to ensure that everyone who attends your wedding stays entertained. You want them to dance to the beat or at least have something to nod their heads to – and that’s where a wedding singer comes in. Choose a singer who has the experience and is affordable.

Whenever possible, look for one who can sing DJ and emcee. That way, you can save some bucks while ensuring that everyone remains entertained. On that note, visit to read more about James Barlow, a highly experienced wedding singer and what he can do to make your big day one to remember.

Make Sure That There’s Enough Food

Other than getting entertained, your guests want to take a bite after the ceremony. So, ensure that you have enough food for everyone. One of the easiest ways to do this to know the number of people you expect to attend. Work together with your planning committee to ensure that you have all the meals ready at least 24 hours before the ceremony. Consider hiring a catering service to do all the cooking and feed your guests. The same goes for the drinks.

Include the Venue in Your Invites

Never assume that everyone knows the venue of the wedding. The last thing that you want to do is confuse your expected guests regarding your wedding location.  So, indicate the direction on your cards. Ensure that the design of your invitation cards includes a map showing the roads that lead to your wedding venue. Also, don’t forget to add a number that people can call for directions just in case they get lost. One more thing – send out your invites early enough. That way, you will give your guests enough time to prepare.

The Bottom Line

A lot of things can go wrong during your wedding day. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to get everything in order a few weeks before the ceremony. Include married couples in your wedding committee. The idea is to get as many suggestions as possible on how to make your big day a success and to reduce minor hiccups.

On top of that, don’t forget to include your spouse’s opinion when preparing for your ceremony. Be sure to ask him or her to chip in regarding how they’d like the entire service to turn out. Of course, the three suggestions above will get you started the right way.