Top Characteristics of Wide Format Printing Ink to Look Out for

A wide format printer refers to any printer that has a print larger than 17 inches. These printers are common in industrial use, with some so big that they can handle over 100 inches. Wide format printers are generally used for printing banners and other general signage.

The difference between this kind of printer and the regular desktop printer is that this one makes use of a roll of print material as opposed to individual sheets. The kind of ink used for this printer is also different and comes in different types.

The kind of ink used in wide format printing is what makes everything unique and different. It is the reason why you get consistent and high-quality results every time. Let us look at the different characteristics to look out for when choosing wide format printer ink for industrial use.

The Colour Density

This is one of the crucial characteristics to look out for when choosing the right ink for your industrial printing jobs. Since the task you are handling is exceptionally large, it is crucial that each colour stands out. Imagine printing a large banner only to find that the colours are dull and totally unattractive. What you need are colours that stand out. This is the only way you can make the client happy.

Colours can only stand out if you use high-quality ink, such as the one offered by Needham Ink, a top supplier of industrial inks.

Opt for Continuous Flowing Ink

One of the biggest problems that industrial printers face is clogging of the nozzle during wide format printing. This makes the process of printing hard and unpredictable. Since the amount of ink used in the printing process is huge, the risk of clogging is high.

Clogging is one of the issues that many printers hate because a single blocked nozzle means the entire printing job has to be redone. The only way to avoid this is to use continuous ink jet that reduces the risk of clogging. This technology makes sure that you don’t waste money and time reprinting the image, and the results are consistent from one task to another.

Fast Drying Ink is Suitable

An ink that dries faster is more preferred when working with wide format printers. This is because the surface area being handled is huge, which makes the probability of the surface accidentally contacting another surface huge. Being careful isn’t a problem, accidents still happen to the most carefully-planned process. Using fast drying ink reduces the risk of accidents.

Permeability and Durability

These two characteristics go hand in hand because the result of wide format printing is usually meant for use in the outdoors. The paint needs to be durable so that it can look good for a very long time. It needs to be permeable so that it can permeate the material that the ink is being transferred to. The more the permeability the higher the durability of the product.

In Closing

Have you seen the banners that look good several years down the line? With the right industrial ink, you can deliver such long-lasting products to your clients.