Top Safety Tips for a Front-facing Baby Car Seat

When driving around, your mind is always focused on the road ahead. You wouldn’t want to worry about whether you installed the toddler car seat properly or whether the toddler is becoming too big for the seat. Therefore, it is vital to consider some safety tips when buying and installing a front-facing car seat for your toddler.

Get the Right Size and Weight Capacity for the Toddler

The car seat you get will most probably serve kids weighing between 50 and 100 pounds. Ensure that you know the height and weight of your kid before making the purchase. Keep track of these parameters everytime you go to the doctor’s office. Make sure to adjust the harness and seat whenever the child grows some more.

Make sure the harnesses are at the shoulder level of the toddler. Your child might require the use of the top harnesses with a forward-facing seat.

Follow Set Up Instructions

Make sure you follow the setup instructions to the latter. Put the harnesses through the right slots, making sure the harnesses are above or in line with the toddler’s shoulders.

It Should Be Tightly Buckled

Make sure the harness stays tightly buckled. There shouldn’t be any extra webbing on the shoulders. The tight harness makes sure the child stays in the seat even through the bumpiest rides. The chest clip ought to be at the armpit level.

Use the car’s safety belt or the latch system to keep the seat in place. Use only one at a time.

Make sure the seat stays in place. The movement from back to front or side-to-side shouldn’t be more than an inch. Test this motion by grabbing the latch-path or belt-path and checking for movement.

If you get a fully accessorized chair, you can add a top-tether. The top tether helps limit the movement of the child’s head in case of a bump or car crash.

Take Extra Precaution

Get a qualified Child Passenger specialist to advise you on whether the seat is properly installed or not. This is true for those seats that come fully accessorized and which require a specific setup.

Serve as a Good Example

Some children will find it uncomfortable being strapped in their seats. You can change his or her attitude by making sure every occupant in the car wears a seatbelt. Since they look at the occupants as role models, the kids will have no problem being strapped in.

Stay on the Alert

If you notice that the child is too big for the car seat in terms of the height or weight, you might need to upgrade the car seat to a booster seat. The child will be too big if his shoulders are above the topmost harness slots. Additionally, if his ears are above the top level of the car seat, it’s time to upgrade. Start the hunt for another car seat from


Having the right car seat is useless if you don’t know how to use it. Make sure you choose the right size for your toddler and take extra precaution in setting it up.