Use Dot Peen Markers for a Faster, Efficient Production Process

Whether you are looking for a way to make identification or coding marks, make stamps, personalize materials or make marks on 3D models, Dot peen markers are what you need. This technology has been used in various industries for decades, and has advanced and now you can enjoy faster and more reliable marking.

What is Dot Peen Marking?

This is a marking technology that makes use of a vibration tool. The vibration tool makes depressions on the underlying material forming direct marks that are tamper-proof and permanent.

Compared to laze remarking, the material is not burned in the process, instead, it is milled or pushed back. You won’t see any shavings produced during the process, which means that the part is the same size before and after the marking.

This technology is suitable for a wide variety of applications, ranging from those that require specific markings to those that need you to make the mark in small area. It is also ideal for making precise markings repeatedly on different surfaces.

Why Use Dot Peen Technology?

So, what are the reasons to buy a dot peen marker? The main reason is its cost-effectiveness. The machine, as compared to other marking systems is budget friendly, making it affordable even for small businesses. The cost of use is also small compared to other technologies such as bubble jet marking.

You can apply the technology on a wide variety to surfaces including glass, metal and more. You can also use it on a wide range of shapes and sizes because the marker makes use of a 3D stylus. The stylus can make marks on surfaces with different levels of hardness.

The dot peen marker is easy to use. It comes with a console that you use to choose the settings. Each setting is straightforward and gives you the different options to choose from. This makes operation quick and easy, and you know what to expect before you even finish the task.

The marketing speed of the dot peen machine is twice faster than other technologies on the market. The quality is also high, and it is easy to maintain consistency across different surfaces.

Many marking technologies need you to use a computer to come up with the design to duplicate on the surface. This is not the case with this technology. The handheld dot peen marker is independent and you do everything from the machine. A handheld dot peen machine, such as the one offered by MarkinBox, is also portable, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Use Different Materials

You can apply dot peen technology on different materials such as steel, brass, plastic or titanium. This makes it ideal for starting a business. You have the ability to cater for a wide variety of client needs. The technology is applicable in automobile marking, defence, aeronautics, electronics, mining, personal protection and more.

Final Words

Before you can enjoy the benefits that dot peen technology offers, you need to get the right machine for the job. These machines come in different sizes, features and capabilities. Choose one depending on your objectives as well.