Variety of mountain bikes that you can use for different expeditions

Mountain bikes are quite different from that of a normal road bike which makes it better to ride in the unfavorable conditions that are there on offer on the mountains. Most of these bikes are equipped with a suspension system that helps to absorb any type of shock due to uneven surfaces which leads to breakage of shocker in case of the normal road bikes. In the past few years, there has been a sudden surge in the sales of these mountain bikes and wide range of options that are available for you in the market. But here in this article, the main focus is on the types and here are brief illustrations about the different types of mountain bikes that you can buy:

Cross country bikes:

These bikes are basically used if you need to commute longer distances on your bike in the mountainous region. But these bikes are further categorized in two types one of which is the race bike which is used to move swiftly in the mountains. These bikes are good enough to avoid the occasional pot holes or rough patches but if you are required to drive on a very rough patch, they might not be able to do the job for you.

In such cases, trail bikes are used as they are not that sharp in speed but far more durable than the racing bikes and are generally used by the commuters. These bikes are easy to carry which makes it a very viable option although they are not as light as the racing one.

Downhill bikes:

It is generally designed for the adventure lovers who love to get down the hills with ferocious speed although they is pretty risky as well. These bikes have gears that are easy to change that allow you to drive fast and the tires along with the rim of these bikes are quite wide which make you to drive easily on the rough surfaces while coming downhill. Mostly, this is used by racers or those participating in the adventure sports and is literally not a good option when you need it for your daily use.

Dirt jump mountain bikes:

These bikes come up generally for those who love to do stunts in the air while riding on the mountains. These bikes are very light that makes it easy to carry and jump using them. These bikes do not have bike suspensions and that is why are not used by the normal peoples. But those with crazy heart and a love for adventure love these bikes as it enables them to do crazier things with ease although it comes with a very big risk. At the same time, these bikes are very expensive as well.