Ways to Make Your Garden-time Enjoyable

Even the most enthusiast gardener will agree that there comes a time when there’s so much work to do in the garden and very little time to do it. But, with a bit of planning, it doesn’t always have to be that way. The tips below will keep you ahead of the game all year round.

“Feed” your Garden

Well, this is a no-brainer. However, few gardeners do it. Add organic matter and fertilizer to your garden on a regular basis. And the logic here is simple –when you have excellent soil, you’ll get great plants. Healthy plants hold up well against diseases and pests. Plus, you don’t have to keep watering them hence less work!

Make Use of “Wheels”

Carrying garden tools and other items from one point to another can be hectic. You, therefore, need to invest in a cart or wheelbarrow. That way, you can transport everything you need to use in a single trip (of course this depends on the size of your garden and the task at hand).

A good wheelbarrow should have the correct load capacity, robust construction and easy to use. Visit Wheel That to learn more about the considerations to make when buying a wheelbarrow. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the best models.

Make Use of your Kids

Teach your kids and grandchildren how thrilling gardening is. Sure, they may not like tasks such as pruning but will indeed enjoy harvesting and planting. Let them uproot weed and collect insect. While the labor your children bring into the garden may not get much done, you will undoubtedly love their company.

Drip Irrigate

Drip irrigation makes perfect sense if you have a large garden and plants that require regular watering. The initial cost of setting up a drip irrigation system can be high but worthwhile in the long term. In fact, drip irrigation could very well be the most efficient way of watering your plants.


Even as you drip irrigate your plants, consider mulching too. Mulching will make your garden look attractive, but that’s not the only reason you should do it. It increases the soil’s water retention ability and suppresses the growth of weed.  Besides, mulching can allow you to reduce the frequency of watering thereby saving you some money. It also trims down fertilizing and weeding time.

Other ways to make your garden-time enjoyable include grouping plants by their needs, using raised beds and investing in the correct tools.