What you Should Know Before Buying an Elliptical Machine

If you are looking for an ideal body workout machine, be sure to check out an elliptical trainer. Unlike typical treadmills, elliptical trainers tend to be easy on your joints and are perfect for a full body workout.  Its ability to burn calories and tone muscles on both the upper and lower body, gives this machine an edge over others. Buying one is like shifting your gym experience from the gym right into your home. They make a good option for people rehabilitating from a lower back injury or if you have a bad knee because it’s like you are running but without any impact.  The modifiable resistance and moving handgrips let you craft a more extreme, full body workout.

Rightly so, elliptical trainers are increasingly becoming popular and represent one of the fitness categories growing very fast. It offers an excellent option for cross training, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete. However, when it comes to buying one for your needs, it is important to ask yourself some questions. This article will help you decide the kind of elliptical trainer you want to fit your budget and meet your workout needs. It can be confusing to choose one from the broad range of options on offer. The points below will come in handy to help you decide on the type of elliptical trainer to buy.


Just like most other exercising machines, elliptical trainers come in different sizes.  Some measure over four feet tall and up to five feet long. Get the dimensions of the space you plan to put the machine and ensure it is enough for the size you are buying.  Know the size of the one you want and make sure it fits the weight and height requirements of the users.

Adjustable Resistance

Look for a machine that you can adjust its resistance to fit your needs. Most recent elliptical trainers come with electronic resistance controls. This allows you to set the resistance level from a display panel that you can access with ease as you continue with your routine. Unlike with conventional models, you don’t have to halt your workout to adjust the resistance manually.


It’s wise to verify the machine before you purchase. Wear your exercise outfits and go all out with the trainer for at least fifteen minutes. Don’t be in a rush, take time with the trainer to ensure it matches your requirements. However, if you notice some creaks, wobbles or vibrations, you may want to move on and test another one.


Conduct online research on sites such as http://indoorellipticals.com/ to find out the best brands through reviews and ratings. Also, be sure to visit the manufacturer’s websites and their social media platforms to see who else has used their products.


Most manufacturers indicate the maximum weight the machine can support to operate efficiently. Therefore, it’s important to consider who else will be using the machine before buying one. Take into account your personal goals and those of other users and ensure that the frame is strong enough to handle all the users. Elliptical trainers come with different weight capacities. Whereas some can handle more than 300 pounds, others cannot surpass the 250 pounds mark. Make sure you buy one that can support your weight and that of other users in your home to prevent a breakdown.


If you plan on moving your trainer from time to time, say from the sitting room to the bedroom, it’s essential that you get one that is portable, light-weight, and with wheels under the base for easy movement. If you don’t plan on moving the machine often, you can get a stronger machine with sturdy frames and constructed with strong materials.